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Cyber Rebellion // Narrative Design

After my first game, I found out that writing stories and adapting them for games is something I am most excited about so I decided to try myself as a narrative designer and game writer for the second university project called Cyber Rebellion.

Cyber Rebellion is set in a dystopian world that has only one city left. The city is meant to be a multi-cultural shelter for all survivors out there. In the game lore, it was planned to have a city divided into regions that would replicate different parts of the world to represent different cultures. However, we had only 2 months, so this idea was present only in the game concept and storyline.

The story of the game is about a detective named John Doe because he is basically a no-one, a free space for the players to put themselves in the game. In the game, John has to uncover secrets of a local rebellion against the current government but it is up to the player to decide what to do. The player can pick dialogue options and change the story.

I personally think that I did a decent job of presenting the world without hope in the game. Games' narratives can ask serious questions and challenge players' morality.

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