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Game Design

I dream of creating interactable worlds full of immersive experiences and engaging stories.

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Cyber Rebellion





Rookie Guard

Firefly blue rain that brings back life to a destroyed earth 47137.jpg

Remember Me // Time to tell a story

Remember Me is a narrative project made for a non-existent game. This narrative was made during classes at my university and consists of world-building, characters, story beats and more!

You can check out Remember Me document below

Saving Private Pillow // Exploration

Saving Private Pillow is my first game that was made in Construct 3 and then remade in Unity 2D. SPP helped me explore Game Design from the inside as a beginner in game design, level design, narrative design, 2D art, coding, and presenting. The game was supposed to be an exam for the university so I had to do everything by myself. However, I was not accepted because the university had some better students which I still can't understand because they never asked me to play the game they asked me to develop. Happily, that failure didn't stop me!

In Saving Private Pillow you play as a blue cat whose pillow was stolen by a cucamber. It is a 5-7 minute Metroidvania with a silly story and a few pop culture references, for example, a Red Cat Redemption poster at a cat's house to connect the character to the player.

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