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Heather // Ambition

Heather is a personal project in which I put my heart and soul. It tells a story about a girl living in dreams and dreaming in real life. Heather has pink hair in a dream just like me right now! In this Metroidvania, the player will face the challenge of not letting their dreams die and making them real by going along with Heather on her journey through her dream world and visiting her daily life outside of bedtime. Heather is going to be a story-driven game with memorable characters, places, and moments.

The core gameplay element of the game is color switching. The main conflict in the game is about losing colors and interest in life so the player has to recover the colors by completing puzzles, platforming levels, and combat sessions by changing world color.

Heather is still in development so I can't provide a link to the game but you can look through an early version of it's Game Design Document!

Screenshot 2023-11-22 221117.png
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