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Re:Wired // Challenge

Re:Wired is an electrition simulator made to raise awareness of energy consumption in Groningen. For this project, I challenged myself to do 2D art and coding while also trying a new direction of narrative design. The challenge was important because a good game designer has to at least understand what their team is doing by looking at the work and simply listening so to gain this understanding I focused on things that were made by others previously.

I was making a functional UI using a C# variation of HTML and Unity UI Builder tool. I didn't like the programming experience at all, it was not my thing but I have a lot of respect for people who enjoy it and can make proper functions and game mechanics with it. However, my code was far from perfect. It was functional but sometimes overloaded the PC while playtesting the game. Thankfully, with help from my teammate, it was fixed.

Apart from coding, all UI interface and design was made by me too. Unlike coding, I liked this process mostly because I was using Adobe Illustrator which I know pretty well. A huge problem, however, was picking a color palette because I am color-blind.

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